BIBLE TRIVIA GAME 

1.  Pick A Bible by clicking on the one you like.

2. Answer all the questions by choosing one of the 5 multiple answers of each question.

3. Submit your answers and see if they are all correct.

4. A person can play as much as they like or use for study.

5. Once a month new questions and answers will be posted.

6. To win you must do two things

   A. Join Pray Up Cybercafe

   B. Answer all 10 questions correctly

   C. Anyone can play and win. Plus use this for study

7. To be the Grand Champion one must meet three requirements

    A. Be a member of Pray Up Cybercafe

    B. Answer all questions correctly in all Bibles

    C. Must have submitted one Prayer Request, Prayed for one Prayer Request, have one Praise Report, be a Prayer Warrior and be a member of a Prayer Group.

                          All Questions & Answers and all Requirements will be checked and verified


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