About the chat room :  

 The chat rooms are for prayer groups only. 

 In all chat rooms there will be a Prayer leader who will be in charge of how the rooms are to function.

 All questions will be forwarded to the Prayer leaders to answer to the best of their ability.

 Everyone is being trusted to act as Christians who follow after CHRIST.

 Anyone not following the rules of the Prayer leader will be dismissed. No questions asked.

 In order to get into any chat room, a person must have the password. At any time the password is subject to change.

 All prayer leaders must email the owner of the chat for a password change and with a reason why the change.

As of recently we have added a new chat room for the prayer groups.
In order to get into any chat room you must first contact-us and let us know the reason for getting into the chat rooms. We are currently looking for Prayer leaders.  Please contact-us for further info.


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