Today I am reminded that people everywhere are searching for "something". Most people don't even realize what that something is. We are always looking for more. For some it is more things. For others it is more time. It may be a thrill that some are searching for. Others may be looking for love. Still others are searching for something to fill an empty place in their own hearts. Those who know Christ may be searching for a closer relationship with Him. What is it that you are searching for?  Ultimately things don't matter, things can't make you happy. Neither can a thrill that is momentary, leaving you searching for the next thing. Time is a commodity that is equally distributed to us all, 24 hours in a day,but once gone it is lost forever. That empty place that so many are longing to fill, desperately searching but never finding what it is they are longing for can only be filled with Jesus. People will fail you, but Jesus never will. People will hurt you, but Jesus will heal you. God made you with a purpose, He planned for your future. If you will search for Him you will find everything you've been searching for and more. That empty place will be filled. Jeremiah 29:13  You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart. What a promise! Search for God and you will find Him! If you have been searching for other things it's never too late to search for a deep and personal relationship with God. He is patiently waiting on you to turn to Him!