Do you really believe what you say you believe? If you do it will affect your behavior. It will cause you to rise up and be a deliverer of truth, GOD's truth! What does it take to become a deliverer? You have to embrace the weapon GOD has given you, His Word! You have to rise up against the enemy clothed in the full armor of GOD! We have to be a people who will cry out in a spirit of prayer, to enlist and engage the help and presence of heaven. We have to make scripture relevant to our lives to produce a knowledge of truth. We have to stand up against what is wrong to combat ungodly influences, live within boundaries pleasing to GOD. Step by step, minute by minute listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit. Everyday of your life is a collection of moments or opportunities to make a difference in someones life. Matthew 13 says that you are the good seed that can produce a harvest, while you are on the way, help someone else to find their way. You are the living breathing JESUS on this earth. Even if you are not the best, there is enough power in you to change someone's life. Faith can and will make a difference. If you are saved GOD has a plan and a purpose for your life. He intends for you to leave a mark, to be an influencer, to make a difference. Embrace the opportunity to be a light in the darkness. The lost people around you are the harvest that is ripe. You are the reaper!  The Holy Spirit will endow you with the power to become the deliverer that GOD has called His people to be!