Lately I have been thinking about hurting people all around me. So here I am, putting my thoughts into words. It seems as though everywhere I look I see people struggling. I know we all have struggles, but I’m referring to the kind that tears you apart inside and leaves you empty. Over the summer I accompanied my daughter to a Vans Warped Tour concert. I say accompanied because it was undoubtedly one of the last places I would have chosen to be. But of course, God used it to open my eyes. I must say it was an experience I will never forget. There were 50 bands that performed that day. On  8 or 10 different stages there was band playing at all times. The genres were a mix of indie, punk, rock, metal, heavy death metal, and even some Christian rock bands. There were around three thousand people there. As I looked around in this massive crowd I realized that I had no sense of panic like I normally do in large crowds. I know it probably sounds crazy, but I could hear Hillsong playing in my mind over all the noise. Then I started really noticing the people. Most of the people had piercing, tattoos, or both. Pretty common in our society today. But there was something else that caught my eye. So many of these young people had scars from self harm. I don’t mean little scars like I’ve seen often. I’m talking about big, wide, ugly scars from deep wounds. I saw some with scars the length of their arms, a few on their faces, and a couple who barely had unharmed skin visible the entire length of their legs. While I was standing around waiting as my daughter and her friend were up close listening to a band play, I started a conversation with a group of three young ladies. They were waiting on one of the heavy death metal bands set to play later. As we talked two of them shared some of their life’s circumstances with me. Some of the things they had been through were like horror stories. Then the third young lady finally spoke. She told me about how this band they were waiting to see were self proclaimed followers of darkness, and how they were so accepting of everyone. She told me that acceptance she hadn’t been able to find anywhere else was what drew her to this band. So here was my opportunity. I told them a little bit about where I had been in my life, some of the things I had been through were very similar to what they had been through. I told them all about how Jesus had changed my life. Some things were instant, other things took work on my part, and some things He was still working on. Suddenly our conversation came to a halt as the band they were waiting on took the stage and they took off to see them. I was left standing there with the unspoken words in my mouth that Jesus could do the same for them. I felt like if I had only been quicker to start that conversation we could have finished our talk more appropriately, but I realized that at least I had planted a seed. As I was standing there feeling a little disappointed, I saw my daughter and her friend coming back from the stage they had been at. There were two guys with them. Immediately I could tell they were talking about something important. Then one of the guys asked if I didn’t mind, would I join them in prayer. After praying they introduced themselves and I realized these guys were from a group I had bought a t-shirt from the year before but really had no idea of what they did until that day. They were part of SKAD, it’s short for kill, steal, and destroy. They are a church group out of Texas. They tour right along with the bands, selling merchandise to pay their way. They are out there being a light. They go out in groups of two, pounding the pavement, telling these kids about Jesus. They ask the kids as they stop by the tent to write out something they are struggling with and then if allowed they pray with each one individually. They are truly being the hands and feet of Jesus. I have thought of these people everyday since. So I feel challenged to do more. It’s time for us as a people to wake up. There is so much more darkness in this world than most realize, just go somewhere like this and you will have no doubt that evil lives and breathes just like you do. We have a real enemy, he is prowling, devouring the abused, the heartbroken, the betrayed, and abandoned people in this world that are searching to fit in somewhere. Most of us just walk past these people everyday, looking away, not wanting our kids to end up like them (I’m including myself). It’s time for a change! We have what it takes to make the enemy flee, we have the power of Jesus Christ living on the inside of us! What will you do? Will you reach out to someone today? As I saw first hand, just a flicker of light can be flamed into light that draws people away from the darkness! Will you let your light shine? Will you accept those who are so much different than you? Will you love the unloved? That’s what Jesus did. I think if He walked this earth today He would be right in the midst of all those hurting people, accepting them, loving them right where they are. My challenge to you…. Will you shine for Jesus, will you be a light in the dark?