The only reason we do sinful things is cause we have a heart problem. A lot of pain and suffering deep within us. A lose of a love like no other. When we get hurt the first thing we want to do is wrap it up and make the pain go away. At some point and time we were hurt and we just wrapped up and did what ever we could to numb the pain. As time went on our heart became hardened to that pain. Then something Happened and that pain resurfaced and nothing would numb it. Then we spent many of our days trying to find something to numb that pain but to no avail. We even start at some point to hurt others and thinking in our minds that if others hurt like us then our pain will go away but to no avail. We do things we thought we never would do and we hurt people we thought we never would hurt. At some point our heart becomes like stone and it takes a life ending circumstance or situation to bring us around. Hitting Rock Bottom as it is known to some. 
      Now here is the Greatest news ever... We Don't Have To Hit Rock Bottom To Be Healed. JESUS came to heal our hurting, pain riden and broken hearts. HE desires for us all to have hearts full of a love like no other. JESUS wants to teach us how to focus on what has caused us all our pain. HE wants to teach us how to deal with and make the pain go away forever. JESUS wants to heal us and to give us a new start to a new life. A life like nothing we have ever experienced before. A life of abundance. A life full of love. A life full of being loved.
      No mater if your a sinner, a christian, a religious person or a Jew or a Gentile. For there is no partiality with God. HE seeks to have a relationship with us all. A relationship like no other. HE wants us to be able to see that HE has taken away all our hurt and pain and broken hearts and has replaced it all with love.
If you know there is a pain deep within you and you are tired of suffering and you want to learn how JESUS can heal you then get ready to learn. Take this seriously. Get ready to learn for JESUS has came to teach us of HIS healing power. 
      If you really want to learn and you really are tired of hurting and want the pain to go away, Get a pen and paper then message me and I will be glad to talk with you and to help you understand the teachings of JESUS on HIS healing power. JESUS is the great physician and with one word HE can and will heal you forever of your hurt and pain. 
     You don't have to hit rock bottom to find healing. You can be healed right now right where you are. You just have to be serious and ready to be healed. Are you ready? Then send me that message and we will get you started toward a miraculous healing.
Psalms 147:3  He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.