Today, Romans chapter 7 was my devotional. I was told one day that, once saved always saved was wrong. Truth is, yes this is wrong but not altogether wrong. GOD's way of thinking is higher than ours (Isaiah 55:9). Without the HOLY SPIRIT we alone cannot understand this. Once we come to find that some things we do are wrong toward GOD and we become convinced that they are wrong, then that to us is our sins. We then apologize to GOD and ask for HIS forgiveness of our sins. We then ask HIM to come into our hearts and save us from our sins. Then we take a stand and publicly confess that JESUS is our LORD and SAVIOR. We then get baptized to show that we believe that JESUS was crucified,buried, and raised from the death to life and saved us from our sin. (Seeing this never gets old). We walk away NEW CREATIONS, children of GOD. Now we become works in progress. At this point things are going to happen that we don't fully understand, but when GOD is ready for us to understand it, HIS light will turn on and darkness will run away and we will understand like we have never understood before. Through life( from point of being saved) we are going to do things that we don't want to do,and we may do them over and over again, depending on what we are doing to hinder the HOLY SPIRIT from doing HIS job. Paul says it like this in ROMANS 7:15 - I do not understand what I do, for what I want to do I do not do,but what I hate I do. This does not by any means say that we have turned against GOD, but it does show that we have a comforter who lives within us who has HIS work cut out for HIMSELF. A person must understand(by hearing the truth being taught) that we have lived in the body of sinful flesh longer than we have lived in the spirit. We are going to sin(make mistakes) not by our own choosing, but by way of the flesh being that it, at this time is stronger than our spiritual walk. The HOLY SPIRIT who dwells within us, will at some point bring it to our attention that the thing or things that we are doing is wrong or sinful. Understand that the HOLY SPIRIT can not and will not dwell in sin. If what we are doing is sinful then we are quenching the HOLY SPIRIT(suppressing or putting away). Basically the HOLY SPIRIT stands beside us saying, "stop what you are doing! This is wrong and sinful you need to stop right now! Repent and ask for forgiveness now!" Once we hear,know and feel what the HOLY SPIRIT is saying and doing then we do as HE says and HE returns and dwells within us once again. We did not give up our salvation but we did hinder the HOLY SPIRIT from doing HIS job. Remember that there is nothing to big for our GOD to handle. Once this wrong or sin or mistake has been forgiven, then we can move on. Some people get it the first time it happens, others take doing it over and over before it reaches them. This is just one of the many reasons why we are not to judge others. But we are to correct,love, and spur each other in the right direction. We are ( WORKS IN PROGRESS)! To think that a person gets saved and sins no more or makes no more mistakes, is sin and a mistake. The flesh is trying to convince you that you are not saved and that GOD is a lie. Nothing could be farther from the truth. When GOD seals the HOLY SPIRIT within us then it is sealed in a way that no man can unseal it. We have to remember that if GOD can seal something within us then HE also can unseal that very same thing. So yes in a way the saying, once saved always saved, is wrong but at the same time it is right, for if any man being saved then turns and declares that JESUS is not the son of GOD then GOD will unseal the HOLY SPIRIT from that person and he will become like the flesh once again and be turned over to his own ways. Please, I encourage everyone to give GOD a chance in your life. We have nothing to lose but all to gain. Come and begin to live life in the spirit, For the flesh has brought to us no happy thing, but GOD has freely given unto us all the happiness we could ever ask for. My friends, today is the day you need to take a chance and let go of all you have done up to this point and give the NEW CREATION in you a chance to prove that there is happiness like no other in the world today. A love like no other love in this world. JESUS is alive and desires to walk and talk with you and I everyday from here on out. Take a chance and join all of us that have taken that chance and are walking with CHRIST today. I invite you to follow any of us around and see this WORK IN PROGRESS being fulfilled day by day. We are not perfect but we are forgiven by GOD through HIS mercy,grace and son JESUS CHRIST. I beseech you,  to please come and try walking in the spirit, if it is not for you then you are free to walk away at any time. Just give the spirit a chance and I give you my word that you will not be disappointed. GOD loves you and so do I. FATHER, I pray up to you that you will touch the hearts of all to whom read this letter and draw them closer to you. Start a work in them that will not come back to YOU void. FATHER, I pray that each person that reads this finds truth,knowledge and wisdom of you in every part of it. For through JESUS CHRIST and by way of the HOLY SPIRIT this is what I have learned to be the truth for me. FATHER, I give YOU all the thanks and praise for what you have done,are doing and are going to do within us and through us. For we are crucified with CHRIST nevertheless we live yet not us but CHRIST to whom lives within us, for the life that we live in the flesh we live by the faith of the son of GOD whom loves us and gave HIS life for ours. To YOU FATHER GOD BE ALL THE GLORY! IN THE name of our savior JESUS CHRIST we do pray.AMEN!