Are you struggling with becoming a CHRIST follower? An understanding of sin may help you to make the next right step in your life.
Sin is the separation of man and GOD. Sin is anything that is not of GOD. Sin is our way of thinking and not GOD'S way of thinking.
I find that it helps one to understand if there are illustrations or pictures to go along with what is said. Let's look at it in this light.
In the beginning GOD created the Heavens/Earth and Man/Garden and all was perfect. 
GOD told man not to touch or eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
Man decided that the tree of knowledge was good for the body and was tasteful.
Then GOD came and called for man and could not see man, for man was hiding.
So GOD put man out of the garden and used him to increase the population.
Notice this......
GOD asked man not to do something and man did what GOD asked him not to do anyway.
GOD did not punish man but instead chastened him. 
GOD also still used man to fulfill HIS plan and purpose.
  Even though GOD still used man, GOD also chastened man by making all of the newborn to be born into sin. To be born separated from GOD.
In the old testament, we find the ten commandments or the laws that GOD has asked us to abide by. Things GOD would have us to do or not to do.
If we study the scriptures, we will find that many of the things that man was doing before the laws, or ten commandments, were the things that we are still doing to this day. Man has found a way to make what he does, that are not of GOD, seem right to many a man. These are called "Excuses".  These excuses are not GOD'S way of thinking and therefore are not recognized by GOD. GOD'S way of thinking is ONLY that of truth. 
GOD put in us a thing called conscience. Something that teaches man right from wrong. Something that allows man to know and feel certain ways about the things he chooses to do that are of his own doings or of what GOD would have man to do. Man's conscience is very powerful. When used to listen to GOD, man's heart becomes that of one after GOD'S own heart and when used to go against what GOD would have man to do, man's heart becomes hardened. When man's conscience reveals to him what is right or wrong then man feels in his heart happy or sadness.
As man began to grow in population, man saw that when something was asked of GOD and GOD didn't provide for man then man did what he thought needed to be done. Such as when the slaves where freed and fled from captivity, GOD made a way for them. GOD also provided food for them. But at some point man became hungry and asked GOD to provide and GOD saw that it was not time to provide, man then took things into his own hands and did what he thought was best. That was to go against GOD. Later, we see that while Moses was away man decided to do things his own way again and built a golden calf to worship.
 Today is no different from then. As man looks to where man came from, man sees that man did not create his body. Man sees that his body was made for him. Man has realized that his body is a vessel that he is to live in. Man has come to know that he is a spirit living in this body of flesh and at some point this body will go back to which it came from. 
As time has gone by, man has decided that by living in this vessel it belongs to him and he can do with it what he pleases and wants to do with it. The excuse used is that man has come from a woman from which is flesh and not from the dust of the earth to which GOD used to create man. Therefore this body of flesh belongs to man not to GOD. Here is where man has once again stepped away from GOD.
  Man has begun to do things with the body that he thinks is right. Such as piercings, self-mutilation, tattoos, weight. It starts with one piercing, one cut, one tattoo, just one more plate of food then man sees that others like the way it looks and man sees that people are focused on him and it makes him feel good for man desires attention. Next, man adds to this as the focus is taken off of one man and put on what is being done or others. So then it is two piercings, two cuts, two tattoos, two plates of food then three, four and etc. Man is always desiring to out do others and to keep the focus of others on him alone. Don't look at that or them, look at me. LOOK AT ME!
As we look around we find many coloring their hair, cutting it, growing it, wearing make up, having plastic surgery, gaining and losing weight, wearing clothes that draw attention or wearing clothes in a way that draws attention, cutting and deforming the body, also using drugs and alcohol or just by being a bully. The whole point is to get the attention of another to focus on the one.
   Everything was created and made by and for GOD. Nothing belongs to man. GOD has entrusted man to take care of what HE has created and made. In Genesis we see that GOD created man and then the garden and put man in it to dress it and keep it. This goes for everything GOD created and made. God put man in it to dress it and keep it to be just as perfect as GOD created and made it to be. 
Notice this.......
Man is not perfect and GOD knows this. That is why GOD sent HIS only SON. So that man would have a way back to GOD. GOD knows that man is going to be against HIM from the day he is born, but GOD has made a way for man to come to the knowledge of HIM and be able to turn away from his own way of thinking and turn towards GOD'S way of thinking. It is the BIBLE. GOD wrote the Bible by way of the HOLY SPIRIT putting it in many different languages so that many could read and gain knowledge of what is separating man from GOD and the gospel of JESUS that brings them back together by way of the Cross and repentance.
 Becoming a CHRIST follower is simple. Seek understanding in the word of GOD, the Bible, and apply that understanding to your life. Come to understand that even though we sin, we are not punished by GOD but rather chastened and used by GOD to do other things than what HE had set out for us to do, but in the end we still belong to GOD and GOD will choose to do with us what HE desires. Also, know that if we choose to stay as we are, we will not be with GOD in the end for we will be separated from HIM for ever and this is not good.
   If you now understand what sin is and want to become a CHRIST follower then allow me to pray with you this prayer, MOST HEAVENLY FATHER, I come before you having understood that I am a sinner and have been separated from you. I no longer want to live apart from you, I ask forgiveness of my sin and I ask that JESUS come into my heart and become my Savior and Lord of this life that I live. I thank you for your mercy, grace and forgiveness. In the name of JESUS I pray this prayer. AMEN!
   If you are a CHRIST follower and have come to understand that you have given into a sin without realizing it then allow me to pray with you this prayer, MOST HEAVENLY FATHER, I am sorry for the sin that has come into my life and I thank you for you forgiveness and ask that you search my heart and reveal to me any other thing that is not of you and help me to face it and remove it from my heart, give me the strength to stand back up and to continue on in the faith. FATHER, I thank you for your grace and love. In JESUS name I pray this prayer.

I thank GOD for each and everyone of you and I praise GOD for HIS love of us. AMEN and AMEN!