GOD is the only one to whom is omnipresent. Lucifer is not. 

        Greater is HE that is in you than he that is in the world. Stand strong in your faith and believe the devil has no war with GOD. For there is no war, Lucifer stood up to GOD and was kicked out of heaven with many an angel. HELLOOOOO! Lucifer as well as us in the flesh keep trying to go up against GOD and start a war, but GOD is GOD and HE has no need to go to war, for HE is GOD. We need to realize it is our own flesh that keeps rising up against our spirit of righteousness, not the devil. Lucifer send his angels after those to whom many of lives are being taken from death to life. Lucifer sends his angels after those to whom JESUS is working through to draw people to HIMSELF. Lucifer sends his angels after the people to whom stand so strong in their faith that they can not be removed from the hand of GOD. Lucifer wants to deceive the children of GOD with a lie just as he did with Eve. Genesis 3:13. Notice that Eve also deceived Adam. It was not Lucifer that deceived Adam, it was Eve. Genesis 3:12. Notice this, both knew truth but chose to go against it. They were not made to go against it, but made a decision to go against what they knew to be true. Also this is very important as well, They accepted responsibility for what they did, Both of them said, " and I ate." We are born into sin and it is our nature to sin( to go against GOD ). Choose to accept it and choose to turn away from it. We need to be responsible for what we choose to do. Notice this, LOOK, LOOK LOOK,  Luke 23:41-42 41 "And we indeed are suffering justly, for we are receiving what we deserve for our deeds; but this man has done nothing wrong." 42 And he was saying, "Jesus, remember me when You come in Your kingdom!" Here we see that one knew what they both had done and chose to accept responsibility  for it and turn away from it and was set back right with GOD. The other chose to stay deceived and was separated from GOD forever. Lucifer only has the power that GOD allows him to have and to use. 
      We need to stand in faith believing the truth that GOD has given to us, which is more powerful than any lie. From our birth through a woman we are against GOD from the start. At some point we are told of the truth and later we start to understand and comprehend it. At that moment we are responsible for what we chose to do. For we know what draws us to GOD and what separates us from GOD. Paul says, " For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do." Romans 7:15-25. Lucifer is to busy with the ONE, that he can not be everywhere. As long as we are battling against the flesh Lucifer will not bother us. It is those of us to whom have learned through time to conquer the flesh and to be able to chose to deny ourselves and pick up our cross and follow CHRIST that the angels of lucifer will come after. JESUS said it best here in Luke 9:23. Deny our self! For everything we choose to do there is a consequence. When we chose to do what draws us closer to GOD we are blessed, When we choose to do what separates us from GOD we are not blessed and wrong things happen. GOD does not punish us and nor does Lucifer. We know what happens when we do what is right and we also know what happens when we do what is wrong. If one touches a hot stove and knows they shouldn't, what happens? They get burnt. Lucifer didn't make them touch it, they chose to touch it. Just as Adam and Eve was not made to eat but chose to eat.
     Let's choose to stop believing the lie and choose to believe the truth and accept responsibility  and stop blaming the devil/satan/lucifer. AMEN!
For if we give him an inch, he will take a foot.