Sermon on the mount. I saw something in this that I had to share. I see just how the church came to be and how it should continue to be. Matthew 4:23 -- Matthew 5:2 . I see someone that is above the others so all can see HIM. I see many gathered around HIM so they could hear HIM. I see Him using HIS hands to point at things and making shapes of things so they could better understand what HE was trying to teach them. I see that people went about telling others what they had seen and heard. I see people that invited others to come see and hear. I see people being changed. I see people coming together in one place. I see people growing in knowledge. I see people serving others. I see people coming from all around the area. I see the word of GOD drawing more and more people. I see THE CHURCH here in the sermon on the mount. What an awesome picture of the CHURCH and How it should continue to be always. Growing, Changing, Serving, Finding,Teaching, Preaching,
 Ministering, Witnessing, Healing and Blessing. AMEN!