Hello Father,

         My family and friends here on earth are in need of hearing from you today. Would you please go to where they are and whisper something in their ear. Will you in a whisper call them by name and tell them how much you love them. Those that are struggling with things in life and have burdens that they think are more than they can bear, will you whisper to them that you are there with them for them not to be afraid. Those that are struggling with depression, will you whisper to them that they are far more greater than they know. Those that are mourning the loss of a family member or friend, will you whisper to them that you understand and that all is as it should be. Father God, I pray that just for today you will whisper to each of them that little something that you know will make them smile and lift their spirit. Touch them with the love you have for them so that all of the things of this world for just a moment, a second, a minute will leave their minds and their focus will be on you. Father, may they see you this day as I see you..... My Father, My God, My one and only! In Jesus name I pray up and lift up to you all my family and friends and those far from you and give thanks and praise. Amen! Amen! 

 Father, I pray that they realize that by your whisper to them that they come to know that, that is how close to them you really are. Close enough that they can hear you whispering to them. Leaning on their shoulder.

Your son
Donnie Crawford