When I was a child I can remember the times that I spent playing in the woods. The fun that was had of dreaming things up and then seeing those things come true. Some may remember the rope swings. We would have a string tied to the rope to be able to bring the rope to us, for it was so far out that we couldn't reach it. Some may remember the tree house or the club house. We spent many of days and time building it and then deciding who we were going to allow to be in it.
     I can remember a time that I was called to come in from the woods to eat. As we ate I was informed that there was something that I had done wrong and that before I went to bed I would receive my punishment that night. I can remember as I was back playing in the woods wondering what I had done that was so wrong that I must be punished. I thought, well I will take my punishment and not do it again. The punishment time came and I was not ready for what I received. From that day on things had changed forever. 
    Another time I was playing in the woods and was called to come eat. I remember thinking of how hungry I was and how I couldn't wait to see what we had to eat. I also remember thinking back through out the day of all the things I had done and wanting to make sure that I had done no wrong thing. For I didn't want to receive that punishment again. I couldn't find nothing that I had done wrong and so I went home to eat. As we ate I was informed that a couple of days before I had done something wrong and that before bedtime I would receive my punishment. I remember my stomach starting to turn and the feelings that came with that thought of the punishment that was coming to me. I found myself starting to not want to ever come in from the woods. I found myself not wanting to go home no more. I found myself wanting to run away. 
    I remember going to church and being told of GOD. I have heard that GOD blesses those that do right and punishes those that do wrong.I have heard that GOD will give life to those that do right and will put to death those that do wrong. I have heard that GOD will send us to hell if we didn't do what HE said for us to do. All the things I had heard of GOD I began to put together as to what I was going through at home. I was seeing GOD for what was showed to me in this world. I saw GOD as one that would each day give out the punishment that I was receiving at home if I did not do as HE told me to do and that one day HE would punish me to death.
   I remember being afraid of not only going home but of GOD as well. I walked with fear in my mind everyday. I felt that I could do no right. I knew that somewhere somehow I was going to do something wrong that day and I would be punished for it. I remember going to school and trying so hard not to do anything wrong. Walking in fear everyday. I remember getting on the bus to go home and trying to do no wrong. walking in fear everyday. I remember playing in the woods became more of fear to what I was going to be told when I went home. Walking in fear everyday. I remember just wanting to not to be punished no more.
    Some have been there and some are there this day. Some are running from GOD in fear of being punished for doing wrong. Some are walking in fear everyday. Some are just not wanting to be punished anymore. Some are just tired of living in fear everyday. Some are tired of trying to do no wrong everyday. Some are just wanting to run away from the fear forever. 

   Today we can stop living in Fear. Today we can do one right thing and it will cover all the wrongs things we do no matter what. Today punishment will stop. Today we can live a life of joy. A life of peace. A life of happiness. Today we can come home without fear.
  Today let's give our life to JESUS and ask GOD to be our FATHER. Today let's become children of GOD. Today let's give GOD our life of fear so that we can live a life of happiness filled with joy. Today let's Come Home to GOD the FATHER!

   I have no fear of punishment and you can too. I gave my life to JESUS and GOD is my FATHER and HIS love does away with all my fears. HIS love is like no other. HE gives me a life of happiness. He gives me joy everyday. Everyday HE tells me of all the right things I have done and how much HE loves me. Everyday HE tells me how proud of me HE is. Everyday HE makes me smile just knowing HE is my FATHER. I love HIM today because HE loved me first.

    FATHER told me this. HE said, "everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." Acts 2:21. HE said, " I will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters." 2 Corinthians 6:18. HE said, " For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. " Jeremiah 29:11. HE said, " You don't have to worry about being holy enough, because Jesus was perfectly holy when he went to the cross on your behalf. I see you as forgiven." 

    WOW! What great and awesome news from the FATHER! GOD makes this promise to you and HE will never forsake you or leave you no matter what. GOD is a promise maker and a promise keeper. You will never have to doubt what GOD says for it is true always. GOD loves us like no other. 

   Will you Come Home today? Will you give your fear to GOD today? Will you come home and be happy and joyful with the FATHER, JESUS and I today? We long to spend the day with you and dream things up and watch them come true. 


Donnie Crawford
Gal. 2:20
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