Luke 15:11-32 The prodigal son      

At some point a sinful thought entered his mind and he captured that thought and ran with it. That thought led to another thought. Each thought he captured led him in a direction he was not sure of but looked to be right in his eyes. (You know sin doesn't always look like a bad thing, especially when it consumes us to the point that we can't see the truth. It seems to have a way with us that we can't ignore.)

The son followed this path as  it continued to look and feel good. He goes off to a place to where people gather around him and encourage him to continue on doing what he is doing. (Sin will always carry us to places we never thought we would go and cause us to do things we always said we wouldn't do and there will always be people there to encourage us to continue on.) Just as easy as those sinful thoughts entered his mind, they left. Now the son was left wondering what to do next. Before he knew it he was broke and had nowhere to stay. He turned to those who had encouraged him but they turned him away.

Then he found someone who would hire him to feed their pig's. He was so hungry at this time that he could eat with the pigs, but no one would give him anything to eat. (Sin will always leave us in a place of loneliness and brokenness with people who want nothing to do with us.) The son begins to realize what has happened. Where he has been lead and what he had from the start. (Sin has a way of bringing us to a point of hopelessness, a point of starving, a point of remembrance.) He goes home and tells his dad that he has learned that what he did was wrong and that what he did was a sin and he asked for forgiveness. At that point he was forgiven and all things were restored to him and even greater.

What we learn from this story is how sin really works in our lives. 

 comes into our minds as a thought. We have a choice to focus on it or let it go. Depending on things happening in our lives at that moment, will determine if we choose to let it go or not. If we choose to focus on that thought then we will learn what it has to teach us along the way and the consequences that go along with our experiences, we have to suffer in order for us to learn the difference in what is sin and what is not. 

So the next time we go to judge someone doing something sinful, we should remember sin works the same in all our lives
. None of us are without sin. God uses sin to teach us, grow us, strengthen us and most of all bring us back to Him.