When JESUS said it is finished, what was meant is that GOD wanted a way for us to come back to HIM without fail. Lucifer thought that there had to be more than just GOD and HE wanted to be that more than. GOD said there is no more, I AM! Lucifer at every turn is trying to wage war against GOD but to his failure. In Job we see Lucifer trying to prove to GOD that no one HE created will ever really love HIM just because they want to. Lucifer fails again! Still Lucifer keeps trying to wage war with GOD, but to no avail. GOD finally has had enough of Lucifer and his deception on what GOD created. So GOD comes in the flesh and walks a perfect life without fail. Ending the war cry of  Lucifer forever. Lucifer has no power to do anything, HE is defeated and always will be. JESUS even descended into the depths of darkness and told the gospel unto the ones that had died before him, those before and after Abraham's time and many of them joined JESUS that day. Lucifer is just roaming through the earth and going back and forth in it. For the lake of fire is his end forever and to those of his the same end. Everything has been accomplished at the cross, may have been took out of context somewhat, but then again what GOD said would be done, Will be, Has been and Is being done and that goes for Lucifer and all to whom he convinces to follow him. It is Finished! For all of those to whom love GOD just because they want to, not have to, will never see the end that Lucifer will see, but will rein heirs of Heaven forever. AMEN!