Epaphras - A man of prayer. A man who labored much in prayer and who put an emphasis on intercessory prayer.

There are three things we can learn from the life of this man of prayer.

First, God gave gifted men and women to the Body of Christ and each individual believer was given at least one spiritual gift that could be exercised in order to build up the local church. Epaphras had the gift of an evangelist. Not all of us have that gift. The gift is not to be confused with the command to evangelize. To evangelize is for all believers. Believers in the Lord Jesus should know their gift and exercise it.

Second, when he saw a problem in the church he made it his priority to pray about the situation. His prayers were not just, “God bless the people at Colossae,” but rather fervent, continuous prayers for the people and situation that arose in their lives. Epaphras knew that God changes the hearts of men and women and that is why he labored much in prayer. How much emphasis do we put on intercessory prayer?

Third, when he realized his lack of understanding on certain issues, he sought godly counsel from an individual who knew the Word of God better than he did and who knew what the issues were.

We can learn some practical lessons from this man of fervent prayer and apply them to our own lives.

Are you a man or woman of prayer? 
Have you put an emphasis on intercessory prayer?
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