Being filled with the Holy Spirit. I just wanted to share what I have came to believe so others can understand me more. I grew up in a Church of GOD Pentecostal Holiness Church and was taught to focus on the spirit more than JESUS and being obedient unto GOD. It was preached to be obedient and to seek JESUS but the focus of being filled with the Holy Spirit was more focused on than anything else. As I grew and studied the scriptures more I came to realize for myself that being filled with the Holy Spirit can only take place when we are completely out of sin and totally in obedience with GOD.
     Sin is what hinders the filling of the Holy Spirit, and obedience to God is how the filling of the Spirit is maintained. Ephesians 5:18 commands that we be filled with the Spirit; however, it is not praying for the filling of the Holy Spirit that accomplishes the filling. Only our obedience to God's commands allows the Spirit freedom to work within us. Because we are still infected with sin, it is impossible to be filled with the Spirit all of the time. When we sin, we should immediately confess it to God and renew our commitment to being Spirit-filled and Spirit-led. By doing what GOD has called us to do then and only then will the Holy Spirit fill us to the point that we over flow. Just as when JESUS was baptized the Holy Spirit descending upon HIM. Matthew 3:16. JESUS was being obedient to the FATHER and doing what was required of HIM not that HE had to but cause HE wanted to. Other times we see even the disciples being filled with the spirit as well but only when they were being obedient to GOD not cause they had to but cause they wanted to. Obedience brings the filling of the Holy Spirit for the spirit can't dwell in the same place as sin. Do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, Ephesians 4:30. The purpose of the Holy Spirit is to teach us of the scriptures and to reveal JESUS to us by way of the scriptures. The Holy Spirit does not bear witness of itself but of Christ. I have done much study and have found that what the spirit makes happen is not ever to bring sight of the Holy Spirit in a person but the bringing to light and sight the person of JESUS in someone. Wherever the Holy Spirit is at work, so is self-surrender, and awareness of the mystery of just being.
     This tells us the Spirit's there. But there are other ways that the Spirit makes its presence known. I have experienced these myself. The Spirit : gives life (John 7:38); gives gifts (1 Corinthians 12); counsels (John 14:26); encourages (Acts 9:31) steps in on our behalf (Romans 8:23); builds up (Romans 8:27); leads us to obedience (2 Corinthians 3:5); brings to mind (1 John 2:20, 27) energizes and makes effective (Acts 1:8). If you can think of when such things happened in your life, think back on it. For in all my studies I never found in scripture where the Holy Spirit filled someone and all who saw it Glorified it. In all my studies I found everyone that was involved with the Holy Spirit whether being filled or seeing the result of always gave the glory to GOD the FATHER or they gave credit to JESUS being with them but never the focus on the Holy Spirit. I said all that to say this..I am not trying to get anyone to believe what I believe I just wanted to share what I believe with everyone so that everyone can know me better and what I believe to be true of what the scripture teaches.
     After my salvation when I was 9 to which I received the Holy Spirit, I wondered why I was not being filled with the spirit. Later I prayed and asked GOD to reveal the truth of what it meant to be filled with the Holy Spirit and this is what HE taught me by way of the Holy Spirit. It is not for everyone it is for me and I just wanted to share it with everyone. For many a year I saw people being filled with the spirit and doing some wild and crazy things but the one thing they did not do was point anyone toward JESUS. I saw many that spoke in tongues but no one or no family was brought to repentance and forgiveness by the hearing of those tongues. All I saw was self gratification and others speaking of how that person was filled with the Holy Spirit. Again more focus on the Holy Spirit rather than JESUS. No other name is more powerful than the name of JESUS. It is to always be about JESUS no other. Don't get me wrong I believe in speaking in tongues and all the gifts from GOD but they have always brought me to the seeing of and to the giving of glory to GOD and JESUS. Once again I will say this is for me not for everyone who reads this.
     I pray that in your studies of the scriptures that GOD will reveal through the Holy Spirit the truth of the scriptures and HIS love and the work and purpose of the Holy Spirit. I pray each of you be filled with the Holy Spirit to the point of overflowing and that all the glory be to GOD the FATHER.