Never mind all the things you've done, the mistakes you've made ... I see YOU. And you're beautiful. And I will stand by and love you while you heal.

Sometimes a marriage gone wrong can be devastating to one. So much so that they do things that they thought they never would do. So much so that they make bad decisions and become dismayed by anger, hurt and pain. I speak from experience and I am here to say, " Thank you GOD for being the very one who stood by me and loved me while I healed. Thank you JESUS for healing me." How thankful I am that JESUS came into my heart at a young age and has been teaching me about this life all these years. How little did I know that even at such a young age, a foundation was being built for me to live   upon. A rock solid foundation. How little did I know that while I learned and made mistakes that GOD was right there watching over me. I knew and many people around me knew I was different, but none of us knew just how different. FATHER, I stand in awe of you and what you have done in my life. I pray in the name of JESUS that people will ask JESUS to come into their hearts and allow HIM to teach them about this wonderful life that you FATHER have given to us and just how different they are too. I pray FATHER that you watch over them as you have watched over me and stand by and love them as you have and do stand by and love me and even more so for them. For I have learned that it is the sick, the lost, the one that seeks for mercy, that JESUS has come for and it is that one that a rock solid foundation will be built for them to build their house upon. Once again FATHER, Thank you for your forgiveness, mercy, grace and love. In the name of JESUS I pray. AMEN!