Many times this question has been asked. Many times people have been led astray from the truth by unsure people. It is time someone stood up and answered this question with truth. Yes, all have sinned (Romans 3:23). GOD being the loving FATHER of us all(Genesis 2:7). Seen in Adam that the relationship had been damaged and wanted to bring us back to the relationship that we first had with HIM(Genesis 3:8). Through the offspring of adam came the people who chose to do what was wrong and those who chose to do what was right(Genesis 4:1-2). None of them were righteous though. As the years continued to go by, GOD used a child of some to bring us back to the relationship we once had with HIM(Genesis 5), To no avail none became righteous. Many chose to believe and listen to GOD(Genesis 17:1)(1 Samuel 17:1) but still some seemed to fall from the relationship they had with GOD(2 samuel 11:1). At just the right time, GOD came to us in the form of a man(Matthew 1:23). A man that we could see with our own eyes. Through this man, GOD made us all righteous and repaired the damage to the relationship between Himself and us(Matthew 1:21). God saw through the eyes of JESUS and the relationships that formed about HIM, that we would always choose to do what was wrong even though we knew what was right(Mark 14:30). In that HE made a way for us to be able to stay in the relationship even if we choose at times to do what is wrong(John 19:30. What a love our GOD has for us. JESUS became the only one in the world to be righteous and to show us the relationship that we are to have with our FATHER!(Romans 4:3). JESUS was the proof that we could choose to do what was right even though we wanted to do what was wrong(). JESUS showed us that if we would just choose to do what is right that the wrong(sin) would have no power over us(1 Peter 2:22). As people separated from the relationeship with our FATHER. We will always choose to do what is wrong for it is our nature from birth. At some point in our lives we will learn that there is another way, a right way. At that point we will be able to choose from right and wrong. As we mature we hear about JESUS and GOD. Then we find out about the bible and church. We start to read the bible and go to church. As we continue to mature we know more about what is right and what is wrong(.Eph. 4:14) At some point in our lives we come to realize that we have done more wrong than right. We start to feel bad for all the wrong we have done(Romans 2:15). We start to remember what JESUS had done in the bible and we go to HIM and tell HIM what we have done and that we are sorry for what we have done and we ask HIM to forgive us(John 19:18). JESUS then forgives us and we are free from all the wrong we have done in our lives(1 John 2:12). Notice that HE said we are forgiven from all that we have done wrong. We are now in a relationship with GOD. At this point we start choosing to do what is right more often(Romans 3:23). But, we must understand that we have been from birth to this point, doing more wrong than right and that we are going to choose to do what is wrong at some point in our relationship(Romans 7:15). A wrong that will grieve our Father but that will not separate us from the relationship with HIM any longer(Eph. 4:30). We now learn that it is not that we choose to do what is wrong but that it is our nature to do what is wrong and that we have to learn how to see this wrong and choose to stop it and to do what is right because we want to, not cause we have to(Romans 12:2). Here is where we find that we have been truely forgiven and that we don't have to ask for it but be thankful for it(1 JOHN 1:7). This is the love of GOD for us. It is by HIS grace that we have been forgiven. (Ephesians 4:30) At some point in this relationship we will grieve our FATHER by doing what is wrong for a period of time.(luke 15:11-32)  but at some point we will find that we are not in the relationship like we once was with our FATHER and we will come to our FATHER and appoligize for our wrong doing and thank HIM for forgiving us and loving us uncondionally and for not allowing us to become separated from HIM(Romans 8:38-39) AMEN! PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT ONCE WE GIVE OUR LIFES TO CHRIST AND THE HOLY SPIRIT FILLS US, THEN THE HOLY SPIRIT IS SEALED IN US AND THAT ONLY GOD CAN REMOVE THAT SEAL!(Ephesians 4:30). SO GIVE YOUR LIFE TO CHRIST NOW. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE, BUT ALL TO GAIN!