Those who do what is right, Get what is right. To do what is right is really hard at times but in the end you will get what is right.

     Let's take a look at a man that was doing what was right and toward the end it looked as though he was getting what was wrong. Let's look at a man named Stephen. Turn with me in your bible or on your phone app to Acts chapter 6 please.

     Here we see that seven men were to be chosen by group of people. The first they chose was Stephen. A man full of faith and of the Holy Spirit. As we read we learn that Stephen was chosen to assist The Twelve in the service of the new church in Jerusalem. There was no doubt as to Stephen's exceptionally good character, and the miraculous power that he had been given by God. Stephen spent his time ministering to the widows who were being cared for in Jerusalem. Stephen also was a man that held strongly to what he believed to be the truth. As we read on we come to find that later Stephen would start to preach. We learn that Stephen was full of grace and power, and did great wonders and signs among the people" 
     As in many church's today as some pastor's preach what they believe to be the truth there is those who want to argue about what they believe. As we read on we come to find that as Stephen was preaching some of the Jews would argue with him about his beliefs. Scripture says that these men were evil and persuaded others to be as evil as they were. They began to say that Stephen was speaking against Moses and even against GOD. But this did not stop Stephen from doing what was right. Stephen continued to take care of the widows and to preach the truth in Jerusalem. Soon Stephen found himself in difficulty with the religous authorities. We learn that Stephen was took hold of and arrested.
     Have you ever been doing what was right and come to find others seeking to prove you to be doing wrong? It happens more than we care to know about. It happens inside and outside of our church's today. There is one question on my mind today, " Are we going to stand and just watch this go on?" or " Are we going to do what is right?" How will you answer this question? Will you stand for what you to believe to be the truth just as Stephen did? It may get pretty hard. Matter of fact it is going to get so hard that you may not be able to withstand it. It may bring you to an end that you may not be ready for. As we read on in Acts here we are going to find out what ends up happening to this man named Stephen. are you with me?
     Stephen was arrested and brought before the Sanhedrin where more false accusations were made. While the despicable lies were being spewed at him, Stephen remained calm. We know this cause in Acts chapter 6 verse 15 says, " And all that sat in the council, looking steadfastly on him, saw his face as it had been the face of an angel. The Sanhedrin was comprised of 70 men, plus the high priest, who served as its president. The members came from the chief priests, scribes and elders. The Sanhedrin had its own police force which could arrest people, as they did Jesus Christ. While the Sanhedrin heard both civil and criminal cases and could impose the death penalty, in New Testament times it did not have the authority to execute convicted criminals. That power was reserved to the Romans, which explains why Jesus was crucified—a Roman punishment—rather than stoned, according to Mosaic law.
    The lie's being told by the false witnesses were, "This man never ceases to speak words against this holy place and the law; for we have heard him say that this Jesus of Nazareth will destroy this place, and will change the customs which Moses delivered to us. Now having heard this from these witnesses the council turned to Stephen. Then the High priest asked Stephen, " are these charges true?.  By this time I believe Stephen knew he was not going to get out of there alive. Normally Stephen was not one to offend people. He would gently, tactfully and systematically lead people to the truth, point by point, but on this day with his life on the line he held nothing back. The result was one of the most direct, unpolitical, and beautifully logical historical and theological discourses in The Holy Bible. It's found in its entirety in Acts chapter 7. Every word that he spoke was the Truth, which of course only made his accusers, who were self-righteous Hypocrites, hate him all the more. His words of Truth turned them from a pack of petty liars into a raving lynch mob. 
     How many times have you ever seen this happen? Even though the person told the truth the people in charge of settling the problem would side with the lairs and accusers. To the point there was a fight or there was a termination or even to the point of one being kicked out and spoke evil of. There has even been cases of one being murdered for his telling of the truth. Gets pretty tough to stand behind what you believe and to continue to tell the truth. Is this what you would do?
     Stephen looked up and saw Jesus standing at the right hand of God. "LOOK," Stephen said, " I see Heaven open and the son of man standing at the right hand of God." As they all heard this they covered there ears and began to yell at the tops of their voices and then they rushed him and dragged him out of the city to which they began to stone him. And as they were stoning Stephen, he prayed, " Lord Jesus, receive my spirit." And he knelt down and cried with a loud voice, "Lord, do not hold this sin against them." And when he had said this, he fell asleep. Stephen remained strong and true to the very end, his faith never wavering.
      Many would say that Stephen was done wrong and that he didn't receive what was right. Bu the truth is that as we look at verse 60 we see that the last thing it says is that he fell asleep. I don't know about you but to see Jesus and God and to fall asleep and wake up standing in their presence is more right than any wrong one could ever do to me. I choose to do what is right no matter what for I know in the end I will get what is right. I look forward to the day I fall asleep and wake up on the other side. May we all learn that doing what Stephen and Jesus did will always be the right thing to do. 
     May we all learn to get down on our knees and cry out with a loud voice," Lord, do not hold this sin against them."This is the right thing to do and will always get you what is right.
     If you have found this to be true in your life, that people have come against you in someway or another to punish you for what you have stood up to believe is right and truthful, then please come and say this prayer today...

     Father God, You have opened my eyes this day to see that by doing what is right will get me what is right. That by trusting you and being obedient to you without wavering will always bring me closer to you. FATHER, I ask you this day to please forgive those that have sinned against me. Please do not hold this sin against them for they do not know what is that they do. FATHER, thank you for forgiving me and for receiving my spirit unto you. FATHER, please continue to open my eyes to see what is right and that as I continue to do what I believe to be right and truthful by your word that you will always give me the strength to stay true to the very end. In Jesus name I pray and give thanks. Amen.

  Until next time I pray you look up and see Heaven open and the son of man sitting at the right hand of God. May you see yourself sitting at the right hand of the FATHER and knowing that as you do what is right you will always get what is right. Peace be with you and grace be with you all forever.

Donnie Crawford
Gal. 2:20