FATHER, I pray that today you will put a 
hedge of protection around all my friends that 
nothing of evil will be able to come near them. 
FATHER, I pray that today you will bless all my 
friends more than you ever have before and I 
pray that they will be ready and willing to 
receive all of those blessings. FATHER I love 
my friends as you love me, and I stand before 
you asking that you show them your love in a 
way today like you never have before. Fill their 
minds and hearts with your word and a warmth 
in their heart like nothing else so that they may 
know that it is you who has done such a great 
thing for them. FATHER I give you all the  thanks
and gratitude for being my GOD. and I
pray this
prayer in the name of JESUS. AMEN 
and AMEN!