Bible study

        John 17 thru 18. 

1. What was Jesus doing in 17:1? _________

2. What was Jesus speaking of in 17:3?__________

3. Who is Jesus praying for in 17:6-11?_________

4. What was Jesus really talking about in 17:15?______________

5. Who was Jesus speaking of 17:20?_____________

6. What phrases describe Jesus's relationship with His Father and Christians in this chapter of John 17?___________________

7. Where did Jesus and His disciples go and what did they do in 18:1?_________________

8. What did Jesus tell His disciples to do when they arrived there?_______________

9. What Jesus is going through here is considered to be a?__________________

10. What was the answer to Jesus's prayer?______

11. What was Peter trying to do when Jesus was being arrested in 18:10?_______________

12. What did Peter later do when asked about being with Jesus in 18:25?_______________

13. Where did Pilate interrogate Jesus in 18:36?________________

14. Who was it that the Jews wanted to be released in 18:36?________________

Here we learn some things about praying. We learn Who we should pray for. Where we should pray. When we should pray. Why we should pray and How we should pray. Praying is a very important part of the christian life style.

Jesus is praying for Himself, those He is in a relationship with and for future Christians. We see that Jesus carries His disciples to a secluded place and they pray. As we read on in these two chapters it becomes clear that Jesus was going through a hard time, a tribulation and a trial.
We see that Peter tried to take matters into his own hands, as most of us would but Jesus instead turns to His Father through prayer. Jesus prayed that if there be any other way to go through this, to let that way be. The answered He received was, No. There was no other way.

Praying is a way of communicating with our Father. He already knows what is going on in our lives but by praying we show our faith in Him and in what He says to be true. 

You know, sometimes the answer we receive is not the one we expected due to fact that at some point we denied knowing Jesus or the world had overtaken us and we became anxious. There is also times that we do as Pilate did with Jesus, he took Him inside away from the Jews. We tend to take God inside away from where people can see and interrogate Him. This is when we receive the answer just like the one Pilate got. The Jews asked for Barabbas to be released instead of Jesus.

For us to receive the answer to our prayer that the Father has for us, we first must pray that the worldliness in us be removed. Jesus prayed that they would not be taken out of the world but that by taking the worldliness out of them they would be protected from the evil one.

When praying we should see our relationship as that of one with the Father. Jesus described  His relationship with the Father and others as, I in you, You in me and I in them. Our relationships get stronger when there is Unity of Glory meaning that we have the same thoughts as the Father.

Just as Jesus tells the disciples to watch and pray, He also tells us to do the same. 

Heavenly Father, I pray that you use me to bring Glory to you. I pray that all that read this will be drawn closer to you and that they learn how to pray in unity of Glory. Father, I pray that they see the plans You have for then in the answer You give them to their prayer. A plan that will prosper them not harm them, give them hope and a future and give them peace in a time tribulation. Father, thank you for loving us so much and blessing us in so many ways. in Jesus name I pray up and give you all the praise and glory. Amen!

Donnie Crawford
Pray Up Cybercafe